Friday, December 15, 2017

Mr. Popular + Thank You

I'm currently sitting in Starbucks, thinking back on everything this year has brought me. This year, I published my second novel, Mr. Popular, launched an inspirational blog for indie romance authors with my best friend, and co-hosted my very first writing retreat. Sometimes I have to literally stop and pinch myself because I can't fathom how any of this actually worked out :-) (My mind is still blown) 

With all these things in mind, I just wanted to stay THANK YOU to every single one of you who has supported me in any way. The Indie World can be truly hard and stressful at times, (most of the time really :-)), but when you have amazing people who send you encouraging words because you need a little more time on a release, people who take the time to give you a thumbs up when you share your struggles about finding time to fit everything in, and people who take a chance on your words and leave reviews, you can't help but feel incredibly grateful! 

This year has definitely been the best year yet, and as I prepare to release my third book, I can't help but feel excited about what 2018 holds. 



  1. I read your two novels. I liked Resentment but I LOVED Mr Popular more..I love Liam & Mariah..Will you please write something about them, like an epilogue atleast like Whitney does..pretty please..I will be the happiest..