Welcome to my website.
I'm a full time professional by day and a writer of romance by night :-) 

I'm completely new to the Indie Author world, but I'm excited to see what the future holds. 


  1. Hello,

    Just finish "Sincerely, Carter" by Whitney G, and just read some pages of your book and sincerely: I WANT TO READ more... so i'waiting patiently.
    But, can i have more information than "spring 2015"?

    I'm going to read your blog to find informations.
    Read you soon.
    From France
    PS: Am i the first fan? (i don't see any comment!)
    PSS: sorry for all the mistakes, english isn't my birth language, but i'm reading a lot of books in english, can't wait the translation, take years!!!


  2. Hi Nicole,
    I'm also just finish the book Sincerely, Carter and read some pages of your book and I'm crazy to know more about.
    Is already done? Say yes...
    best regards
    ps. I'm from Brazil and my english is terrible

  3. hello Nicole and all you guys :-)
    Same as you can't wait to get all book and have opportunity to read it. Funny , when I've been reading "Meet Nicole" it was like I read about myself excluding writing blog and living in USA. Following previous comments I have to admit that I come from Poland and as well - what probably you can see after first couple of words) - English is not my mother tongue, though it doesn't make a problem with reading your book. So I hope something is going to change and your books will be available worldwide or at least on Amazon.com
    Greatings from Poland - Monika