Thursday, July 7, 2016

Dreams + Mr. Popular

I'm currently sitting in Starbucks,  typing away at my laptop, getting super excited about my next novel. My first one exceeded all of my wildest expectations with the response it garnered from readers, and although it wasn't perfect (no book ever is), I was just so happy to say, "OMG! I published a book!"

And, now, I'm looking forward to saying, "OMG! I published another book!" I'm also looking forward to chasing another dream of mine, which is running a blog with my best friend, Author Whitney G. The blog is called, The Indie Tea.

In a nutshell, it's a blog that caters to aspiring and current romance authors at all stages of their journeys, and through podcasts, articles, and essays, we seek to inspire, motivate, and infuse more positivity into the world.

We started the idea for this blog over a year ago after going to a Pay It Forward Retreat, and it has stuck with us ever since. Every week we've sent each other "What about this for The Indie Tea?" "Do You Think This Will Work?" "OMG are we really about to start a blog?" emails with threads so long that sometimes we have to go, "Okay...I don't think one thread was meant to go on for eight weeks." (Then again, when we have twenty long threads running at once, it's hard to say :-) )

Anyway, I'm super excited to launch this with my best friend as I continue my own journey in indie publishing, and as she continues hers. If you're an aspiring author, I hope you'll join us there! And if you're a reader, I hope you're ready for Mr. Popular!


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